My 10 best photographs 2016

As I’ve been spending most of my trips with a camera in my hand and spending stupid amounts of money on camera kit, I thought I’d better look as if I had something to show for it.

Here, in chronological order, are what I think are my best snaps of 2016, and curiously most of them were taken with my small pocket camera (a Fuji X70), which goes to show that the best camera in the world is the one in your hand.

The title shot is a self portrait of Michelle and me in the Louvre, the rest are all a bit bikey, but that won’t be a surprise to anyone…

This one was taken while on a trip with Gareth and John to, this was by far the best day of the week, and ironically was a ride I had voted against (in favour of a day of shuttling). There was a fair bit of hike-a-bike to get to this summit and this was the final scramble…
This one of Gareth was taken a few minutes later on the first part of the descent in the clouds.
Andy Gardiner in full flow at the Tidworth round of Southern Enduro this year. A race I also competed in. I was particularly pleased with this shot as I had just wandered into the woods for a breather with my camera and turned round to see Andy appear. Boom!
Fast forward to September and a memorable trip to the Queyras region of the Alps for an incredible trip with Ash Smith of Transprovence fame. A fantastic week with Rich, Steve, Toby, Max, John and Fiona.
Fiona always wore the best colour combos so got lots of attention from the camera. Here she hikes at 3,000 metres to the summit. I was struggling a lot: 5 steps; breathe; 5 steps; breathe etc.
This is Ash showing us how it’s done. Perhaps my personal favourite photo of 2016.
My trusty Bronson atop another of Ash’s summits.
Fiona and Toby somewhat oblivious to the incredible scenery surrounding them high above Briançon.
A week after the trip into the Queyras, Michelle and I were lucky enough to go and see the Valberg round of the Enduro World Series (EWS). Here is downhill legend and winner of this round of the EWS, Sam Hill. On flat pedals and riding a bike with a metal frame for those who appreciate the mountain bike details.
To round off the year I went to watch a cyclocross race in which Graeme (in white) was competing. I took many hundreds of photos of him in various stages of pain, but this image taken before all that kicked in was the keeper.

Thanks for taking a look. Here’s to 2017; who knows what next year’s photos will look like?! They’ll probably have a bike in them though…

Thanks to Santa, I can now produce extremely high quality prints up to A3 plus size (480mm x 330mm) so get in touch if any of the shots would look nice on your wall. Mail me at .  10% discount if you’re in the photo   🙂

Have an awesome 2017.


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