What’s in the pack?

Well, since you ask…

3 spare tubes

First aid kit (comprehensive, inc insulation blanket, tweezers, scissors, various dressings, plasters, wound wash etc.)

Knee and elbow pads

Sun cream


Spare contact lenses



Spare mech hangers for all my bikes

Tie wraps

Mech hanger bolts

Short length of chain

Gaffer tape (wrapped round pump)

Toilet paper (never used, but you never know!)


Puncture repair kit (tubes)

Tubeless patch kit

Tubeless repair kit (sticky string)


Topeak tool with loads of bits. (It was annoying at first till I discovered the sides popped off to reveal tyre levers, spoke keys and the handle of the chain tool)

Set of Torx wrenches


GPS (Garmin eTrex 30)

Spare Batteries

Chain oil




Energy bars x 3

CO2 inflator

Spare CO2

V brake cable

Shifter cable and outer

Spoke key

Mavic spoke key

Brake pads for all my bikes

8, 9 and 10 speed quick links

Tyre levers

Mavic GoreTex rain jacket

Extra layer of clothing

Not forgetting 3 litres of water! No wonder it weighs a ton!


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