Back to riding, less thumb talk, more smelly goats…

Stinky Goat, Blue Pill, Celtic Flow, Four Letter Word, All along the Watchtowers, The Desert, The Hives. These names will bring back a big smile to those of you who have taken a holiday with BasqueMTB, and mean nothing (apart from Jimi Hendrix) if you haven’t!

I’ve been back riding again this week and guiding a group from New Zealand and a couple from Colorado. The Kiwis were novices, but the Coloradans were very fit and experienced riders who pushed me all the way! The pinned thumb is coping admirably, but changing brake pads was almost impossible with one thumb (thanks John!). This week I’ve also received and fitted a new fork to my ‘big’ bike after damaging the old one on a rock while filming a new movie review with Doug. (I’ve also bought ANOTHER bike, but more of that later.)

Things are going to get busy here from Sunday so I’m hoping that my fitness will soon be improving after the enforced period of lighter riding…

Anyway, those strange names at the top of the page are the names that Doug has given to just a few of the many many trails he has to offer. The trails here are as varied as they are fun. And as challenging as you want. I would say that the easiest trails here are equivalent to blue/red trailcentres in the UK. And while we have a few of these, I would say the bulk of the trails are more in the red/black category, and for the more experienced riders we have loads of trails in the black+ to black+++ range! Doug can make it as extreme as you like!

Most of the trails feature rocks in some form, from slabs to steps, to shale to steeps to rock drops to steep gnarly rocky chutes… But then again if you want fast swoopy singletrack that heads down for what feels like hours – no problem 🙂

Doug loves the big days too. Long climbs to the summit of the most impressive looking mountain followed by an afternoon of threading your way back down again – awesome days!

A picture paints a thousand words… These are snaps of me, a very mediocre rider on some amazing Basque trails…

Dropping into some rocky coastal singletrack
The steepest part of ‘Blue Pill’
Part of the Erlo big mountain descent
Big Mountain Descent
More Erlo Descent
On the coast…
The Desert
More sweet coastal singletrack
The summit!
Secret singletrack
Not me… But my bike…
End of ride reward – a swim in the ocean…

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