“Does anybody have any questions” David Byrne – Stop Making Sense

I’m new to this Blog malarkey but I have some ideas for the next few posts… But in the meantime as the mighty DB said – “does anyone have any questions” about the realities of MTB guiding and/or leaving it all behind, albeit temporarily…? I’d be happy to take on board any suggestions or questions…

Future ideas I have include:

  • The realities of mountain bike guiding – What’s it *really* like…?
  • Just how good is the riding out here?
  • What’s the best bike – gear etc?
  • Life in France/Basque
  • How do you plan such a big trip – the practicalities…
  • What’s the medical care situation out here, do you really need to take out insurance?

Speak to me 🙂

Dave – the main man…

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